Albion Park Community Church

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“A place to belong”
To walk hand in hand, generations young and old
Loving without exclusion,
Acceptance without proving,
People are the church.

Recent website updates:
14/6/21 Services page updated
30/5/21 Services page updated
22/5/21 Changes to Services
10/5/21 Services page updated (12th June in Centenary Hall)
23/4/21 Article added to Articles page.
9/4/21 Services page updated (no Sunday Sesh in April).
23/2/21 Services page updated (Christmas in July), Baptism booklet added to About page.
3/4/21 Bible Reading Plan added to About page
12/3/21 Mel's Interview with Courtney video added to Brave Women page
23/2/21 Services page updated (Sunday Sesh).
7/2/21 HACC Centre location high lighted on Services page.

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